Gunrock's Application Cases

The following is are a wide variety of graph primitives, including traversal-based (breadth-first search, single-source shortest path); node-ranking (HITS, SALSA, PageRank); and global (connected component, minimum spanning tree) implemented within Gunrock.

The "Directory" column in the table below shows, which subdirectory within gunrock/app and examples these applications' implementations are. The version number in the "Single GPU" and "Multi-GPU" columns show which API abstraction of gunrock supports the respective application. If you are interested in helping us port an application in the older abstraction (v0.5.x) to a newer, much cleaner abstraction (v1.x.x), please see our Porting Guide.

Application Directory Single GPU Multi-GPU
A* Search astar v0.5.x
Betweenness Centrality bc v1.x.x v0.5.x
Breadth-First Search bfs v1.x.x v1.x.x
Connected Components cc v1.x.x v0.5.x
Graph Coloring color v1.x.x
Geolocation geo v1.x.x
RMAT Graph Generator grmat v0.5.x
Graph Trend Filtering gtf v1.x.x
Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search hits v1.x.x
K-Nearest Neighbors knn v1.x.x
Louvain Modularity louvain v1.x.x
Label Propagation lp v0.5.x
MaxFlow mf v1.x.x
Minimum Spanning Tree mst v0.5.x
PageRank pr v1.x.x v0.5.x
Local Graph Clustering pr_nibble v1.x.x
Graph Projections proj v1.x.x
Random Walk rw v1.x.x
GraphSAGE sage v1.x.x
Stochastic Approach for Link-Structure Analysis salsa v0.5.x
Subgraph Matching sm v1.x.x
Shared Nearest Neighbors snn v1.x.x
Scan Statistics ss v1.x.x
Single Source Shortest Path sssp v1.x.x v0.5.x
Triangle Counting tc v1.x.x
Top K topk v0.5.x
Vertex Nomination vn v1.x.x
Who To Follow wtf v0.5.x